The Top Things To Consider When Purchasing GPS Tracking Devices For Fleet Management

Managing a fleet of vehicles is both time-consuming and expensive, and the struggles associated with it leaves many business owners attempting to determine the best way to curb costs and improve efficiency. The use of GPS tracking devices is often successful in holding employees accountable for their time behind the wheel of an organization’s vehicles. Before purchasing GPS tracking devices, be sure to consider the following items, as it will ensure a company has access to the information they need to reduce overall fleet management costs.

Real-Time or Passive Systems

One of the first decisions to make before purchasing GPS equipment is whether a real-time or passive system will provide the most useful information. Real-time devices allow a company to track the current location, speed, and direction of a vehicle from an easy-to-use software system. Passive systems are less robust and do not provide real-time data, but instead must be removed from the truck and attached to a computer so that travel data may be downloaded.

Automated Alerts

There are times when a driver may either be in trouble or traveling in a manner that is not consistent with a route and requires assistance. Rather than waiting for the driver to realize the blunder, more dispatchers utilize an automated alert system. At the first sign of an issue, an alert will become visible and allow the company to make contact with the driver and determine if an intervention is necessary.

Cloud-Based Software

While dedicated software is useful in a variety of applications, it pales in comparison to the benefits of utilizing a cloud-based software option. Rather than having to carry around a large laptop, managers will have access to the location of their fleet from a mobile device. Most companies offer a mobile access option at an additional expense, but cloud-based options will have the feature inherent and improve the accessibility of GPS tracking information.

A fleet of vehicles is typically one of the most expensive line items for businesses of any size. View to learn more about the variety of hardware and software options available that will save money and improve the efficiency of drivers. Many business owners report money savings after only two to three months after deploying GPS tracking systems.